Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 8 Ways on How to Keep Your House Warm

When the weather gets colder and your thermostat keeps going up in temperature but blankets are still coming out of the blanket chest to get and keep warm, there may be a bigger reason than just the weather being colder than your heating unit can keep up with. In this article, you will be given 8 ways to get and keep your house warm.

It’s just not warm enough: Why?

In the cold months of fall and winter you may ask yourself; “Why can’t I keep my house warm?” There are many reasons your home may not stay warm. These causes are small and you may not even be aware of how they can affect the warmth of your home. Let’s look at what causes these may be.

1)      Uncovered or Exposed Windows

2)      Your Home is not Properly Insulated as a whole

3)      Cracks or Gaps (Many may not realize it but as a home ages, like wrinkles on our faces, homes can develop cracks and gaps in its foundation and the walls the make your house a home.)

4)      Ensure Each Room is Getting its Share of the Heat (In some cases, you can install separate room thermostats for proper heating in the rooms that are most used)

5)      Rooms Not in Use (Many homes have a Guest Bedroom or Spare Room of Some Sort that is now always used. (If a room is not occupied, shut off the vents and close the door; keeping this room from “stealing” warmth it does not need)

8 Ways on How to Keep your House Warm

To prevent your house from losing heat and keeping your house warm without using so much energy to do it, follow these simple tips. These tips will soon show not only is your house staying warmer but your wallet is staying a little fuller as well.

One of the biggest heat keepers you can use is:

  • Heavy or Thermal Curtains

Your home will stay warmer in the cooler months as well as cooler in the warmer months too.

With that in mind, you will want to:

  • Ensure your Home is Properly Insulated

Inspect your home deeper, you may find the insulation is not as helpful as it once may have been. As energy prices rise, it will make a difference reinsuring your house and your warmth by reinsulating your home however way possible.

  • Seal it up

Like anything else with age, changes happen. In your home, you may find gaps and cracks. On average, the more gaps and or cracks you find the more it is like leaving a window open all year round and in the colder months, you cause your house to use more energy to stay warm than it may have to give. Regardless of where and how you find it, seal it up.

Add this next tip to your heat keeping list:

  • Install A Window Valance

While most will believe this to be a window décor choice, it is much more than that. A valance will help prevent cold air from entering in and keeps the warmth from your home escaping. Of course the added décor won’t hurt matters either.

As you decide on which fabric to use on your valance, there are a few more tips you can follow. Try to:

  • Watch the Temperature in your Home

Some homes have one thermostat. This makes keeping the house comfortable for everyone a little difficult. However, there are some that give you the ability to gage the temp in different areas of the house. If for some reason you do not have an up to date way of keeping your eye on the temperature of your home, go with an old faithful and get a thermometer. By having something you can always look at, you have a better way of knowing just how much you need to adjust to get your home at a comfortable temp.

Sometimes you may find that one room is often warmer or colder than other in your home. It is in these moments that you should ask yourself, “Is this room being used any more than usual?” If the answer is no:

  • Close it off

In some homes, there are extra rooms, like a guest room. It may be in great use at certain times of the year; like Christmas, there are more times when it is not in use and is just using energy it does not need. By closing off the vents and keeping the door shut, you allow your home to generate more energy to be put to better use.

Let’s take it a step further, shall we? Why are we using man made energy at times when we can be using the natural energy that is around us? Good question, right? I thought so too! So with that said, try:

  • Letting the Sun it

Daily, even in the fall and winter months, the sun still gives a level of warm that can be used more than we realize. This is especially true if you have North facing windows. So, each morning when you wake up, though you wish not to give your neighbors too much to look at, at any given time, open up those curtains and let the sun in!

The final tip, but certainly not the very last thing you can do, to follow is:

  • Cleaning and Repairing your Heating Source

By regularly maintaining your heating unit, you allow your home to stay warm in those colder months and you extend the life of your unit. Nothing is more costly than replacing something you could have kept in working order when you take the opportunity. This includes cleaning or replacing your air filters on a regular basis.

Keeping your home warm and energy efficient is important, these tips and many others are available so that you can save money; and stay comfortable in your home all year around. Ultimately, the best tip of all than you can have is to find what works best for you and your home.

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